Long-term results matter far more than instant progress.  Here are two video testimonials from clients taken several months after completion:

I felt so hopeless and so stuck that I just wanted to do something to make enough money to get by, and I wanted to not do something that triggered me to have huge panic and anxiety attacks. … I started working with Shannon, and the total time that we worked together having weekly or twice weekly sessions was about six months, and that was it. That was it. My life was completely different at the end of that time. Its been about a year since then, and I’m doing better and better. Read the full transcript.


In my view, the single worst problem was a lack of being able to get things done. There was always something that was in the way, or stalling, or if I made an effort to try it just seemed to lead nowhere and I didn’t see a lot of reasons to do it in the first place … The best change in my life is that its pretty effortless now to be productive. I can just sit down and do things, and not have to fight myself or have to fight distractions, and for longer periods of time. Read the full transcript.


Results matter.  

In the field of psychology, I don't feel that the question of "what results will I get?" is asked or answered enough.  It is a difficult but important question, and here is how I am addressing it.  

Metrics let you measure your improvement and help you make good choices about future actions.  Below is a graph of the data of all 18 or my new clients from 2013 who had two or more sessions with me.

The blue bars show the distribution of moods when they started, as you can see, the moods are low.   The red bars show the distribution of moods after 2 sessions, and you can see the peaks show the better mood scores, and the green bars show the distribution after 5 sessions, which have moved even further in the direction of happier moods.

The average initial http://moodscope.com score of my clients (blue line) was 29%, and the average client score by 5 (red lines) sessions is 40%.  Average improvement over the first 5 sessions in terms of score was 50%.


I went out on a limb by taking data, because I didn’t know for sure if my results would be as great as I thought they were.  However, for my own personal sense of integrity, I felt that it was fundamental that I do this.  Now that I have done it, I am grateful to have it to share with my current and potential clients.  

Based on my own experience, and the experiences of clients and friends, I think that these numbers are exceptionally good.

Many clients improve within weeks or months of working with me after no improvement after years of therapy.  Consider what results you’ve gotten from past intervention attempts.  You know what has happened in your previous best attempts – how do my clients’ results compare to what you’ve tried so far?

How would your life be different today if you experienced that same improvement?



I’d sit there at work just reading the news or reading fiction, and not doing the things I needed to do, and in the back of my mind wondering to myself, you know, why it was that I was just putting this stuff off when I could easily take care of it … After working with Shannon, I’ve moved to a new area that I like a lot better. I’m in a new job that fits me a lot better, working with people that I like, I’m much happier. Every day I feel like, I wake up and I’m excited to go to work, and I have the energy to do the things that I need to do each day, even if I don’t want to do them – the annoying things and the good things. I’m just in a much happier state – in a great place to be. Read the full transcript.


I was so depressed that I just have trouble getting out of bed every morning and not just getting out of bed like “Oh, I’m tired”… My happiness level has gone up and my ability to get stuff done, be it stuff for the job that I can earn money, or just stuff that my life has gone up … When I started talking to you and like a month or so before that or even a few months before that, if I compare the amount of work that I was getting done at any given week, that the amount that I’m getting done now, it’s not quite double but it’s more than half again. Read the full transcript.


More testimonials: 

Life coaching with Shannon has helped immensely in many areas, including my career, relationships, time management, health, and long-term planning. Shannon helps me focus on and prioritize my goals, providing an outside perspective and enabling me to step away from day-to-day concerns and see the bigger picture. In addition to guiding me to greater reflection and clarity in my own thoughts and actions, I’ve found Shannon to be very knowledgeable in a diverse range of topics, from meditation to economics to non-violent communication techniques, and many others. Life coaching has been invaluable in living a more exciting, fulfilling, successful and goal-directed life, and I strongly recommend Shannon’s coaching to anyone.


-Michael K.


Dear Shannon,

Details of the Recommendation: “Thank you so much for helping me navigate the past several months! Looking back on our work, I managed to achieve quite a lot in a rather short amount of time. I’m now:

  • 10 lbs lighter, signed up for insurance, and generally in better health
  • Hired to do my dream job
  • Published in a peer-reviewed academic journal
  • Writing for a popular tech magazine
  • Done writing my first million words(!)
  • And having more success in several personal relationships

Thanks for helping me chart out and achieve such ambitious goals. I might not have any of these things if we hadn’t worked together.


-Louie H.

Having Shannon as my life coach has greatly helped me in both my professional and personal lives. I was skeptical of life coaching at first, but now I can’t imagine doing without Shannon’s help in working through my challenges at work and at home.


-Christine P.


Scientifically grounded. Emotionally intelligent. Shannon helped me get unstuck. Seeing any counselor at all was a big deal for me. I had bad experiences with them in the past. Not only was she able to put me at ease, not only was her advice concrete and useful, she helped me explore my concerns in a way that was as stunning as it was fun. It was more helpful, more quickly, and more enjoyably than any other counseling experience I've ever had.


-Rob B.


Shannon has a rare gift as a counselor as she is able to combine good practical advice with an empathic, sensitive presence. She combines a scientific and intuitive approach in her work. Her use of metrics to provide demonstrable results provides an experimental and empirical grounding to counseling that is rarely found in the field. She has a knowledge of the lifestyle factors that lead to anxiety and depression such as diet and sleep as well as the ability to use techniques such as Internal Family Systems to work with parts of the psyche.

I chose to work with Shannon at a difficult time in my life because I felt that her compassion combined with her intuitive skills would be able to help me and help me quickly. I am a therapist myself and I am very choosy in who I work with. I have also referred people to Shannon for that reason. I would definitely recommend her services.

-Elena K.


Shannon Avana is the most competent and efficient therapist I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She's passionate, compassionate, competent. She listens to you, not with jaded tiredness, but with an intense interest that brings out things from you that you didn't even know you kept, all the while keeping you on track with a methodic, systematic approach.


-Ahmed Amine R.


When I started with Shannon, I was very skeptical and then impatient, I was humouring her because I wanted to be nice. Well, by the 3rd session I had an OMG moment because all the stuff she was doing in the beginning, all the stuff that I considered fluff, was actually a well thought out strategy and game plan. I have been a client for 3 years.


-Rudy R.


When I started working with Shannon I was struggling with deep unhappiness and uncertainty about my life, as well as my relationships with the people in my life. I was skeptical of talking to anyone because of several prior bad experiences with counselors and psychiatrists. But I called anyway out of desperation and I'm very glad in retrospect that I did. Shannon helped me consciously identify things that are important to me and things I wanted to change. With Shannon I learned to proactively become aware of and eliminate negative, harmful, or just plain not useful patterns of thinking and instead treat myself using positive reinforcement. These changes seems small and simple but their impact is deep. I also benefited from her wise perspective on managing relationships with others. By using what I've worked on with Shannon, I feel more clear, capable, reflective, and self-aware. This in turn has helped me focus, enjoy my work, and improve how I view my relationships with my family and coworkers. I'm all around much happier and proud of myself. In working with Shannon, I was impressed by her kindness, her breadth of understanding, her proactive approach, and her focus on ensuring her clients improve in a quantifiable, verifiable way. I would and do recommend her to anyone looking for guidance through rough times, especially if you're looking for quick and concrete practices to implement to improve your life immediately.


-Sara A.


If you want MEASURABLE results, Shannon is the coach for you. When I called her, I was in a terrible depression. Using her measurement, I was at 11%, where 50% represents a normal mood. Since I started working with her, my average mood has risen to 56%, with regular scores above 80%. Now that is something to crow about.

Shannon has a really unique perspective on anxiety and depression. She understands what causes us to remain stuck and she has a giant toolbox of remedies to get us moving and feeling better. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Your life will change permanently for the better when you work with her.

-Duncan M.

Scientifically grounded. Emotionally intelligent. Shannon helped me get unstuck. Seeing any counselor at all was a big deal for me. I had bad experiences with them in the past. Not only was she able to put me at ease, not only was her advice concrete and useful, she helped me explore my concerns in a way that was as stunning as it was fun. It was more helpful, more quickly, and more enjoyably than any other counseling experience I've ever had.


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