About Me

Is this you?

  • I’m afraid of losing another job.
  • Life passes me by as I surf the Internet.
  • I’m eaten up by Anxiety and Depression.

I know you have a lot of questions – Can Shannon help me with my specific problems? Can Shannon deal with my particular type of overwhelm at work? Are my deep dark secrets too dark for even her?

Yes, I can help.

Here at Anxiety Gone we know that the most painful part of anxiety and depression isn’t being unhappy, it is being unproductive. I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome being overwhelmed and helped them regain control of their lives. I will also help you in your search for fulfilling work that supports you.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients solve their problems that they’ve struggled with for decades in a matter of weeks or months.

I’ve helped a mother who was trapped at home break out into singing career. I’ve helped a salesman end his string of boring jobs and get his dream job high up in his dream company. I’ve helped computer programmers who were struggling to find direction become CEOs and Directors of Development.

I’ve helped many people move beyond crippling turmoil that was preventing them from achieving success. I’ve helped clients overcome procrastination and get to work on taking their career to the next level.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients in situations like yours. Give me a call and lets find out if I can help you too.

I was certified as a life coach by Coaches Training Institute in 2008. I received my CPCC certification in 2009. I also worked with Internal Family Systems (IFS) which views the mind as a collection of parts all with their own agendas. It teaches you to reconcile their agendas in a way that works for you on the whole.

I’ve now integrated the best parts of IFS with my coaching along with many other techniques, for a distilled coaching/counseling/consulting blend – to get you the results that you want.

I’m ready to help you wherever you are – I meet with most of my clients over the phone and Skype, with clients on multiple continents.


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